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Burning City • Charlie Athanas
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Things I am doing . . .
Quantum Explorer home screen small.jpg

I am part of the EX3 Labs team producing "Quantum Explorer", one of the first apps for the Apple Vision Pro.

Book covers and Quest.jpg

I'm working with author Kathe Koja on a project (Dark Factory VR) that is exploring ways to use virtual reality to take a story beyond the normal definitions of a novel.

carent illustraion.jpg

I'm part to the team building a mobile app called Carent.. It will provide guidance and management tools to help take care of parents as they get older.

Sketch concept for my t-shirt design for the Otherworld Theatre company in Chicago.

Things I have done:


comic books

graphic design

business strategy

enterprise websites

enterprise mobile apps

ideation facilitation

creative director

costume design

studio director

props design

logo design


art director



silk screen

UI design









UX research

music videos

2D animation

3D animation

laser animation

computer game design

live event management

live event venue design

art gallery manager

customer service

studio recording

indie film design

package design

website design

t-shirt design

sound person

poster design


Preliminary sketch of my poster
illustration for WildClaw Theatre's premiere production - an adaptation of Arthur Machen's The Great God Pan.

aurora swim team.jpg

First professional art job. Logo design.

1972. New Orleans.

Contact info
Let's work together or just ask me questions. Say hello.

847.924.1671  •••
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