Theatre Poster Portfolios

I have been doing posters for live performance theatre companies like the old Organic Theatre, The Next Theatre, Powertap Productions. and The Irish Theatre of Chicago, but as a co-founder, company member, and Board Member I have worked primarily with the WildClaw Theatre company in Chicago.

WildClaw Theatre

WildClaw has a very unique focus. They are an all horror theatre company dedicated to horror adaptations and new work in the horror genre. They need to reach both the play going audience and the horror community that typically doesn't see plays.

Posters for Other Events and Theatre Companies

In addition to WildClaw Theatre, I have created promotional material for many other theatre companies and live event venues.

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Deathscribe Posters

WildClaw Theatre holds an annual event which is an international horror radio play festival called Deathscribe. 


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Deathscribe 2015 poster

This started as an acrylic painting that was then scanned to create a digital version. It was then run through Deep Dream software. Those two images were combined with cloud photographs to create the digital blend that is the final poster. This is an annual one night event put on by WildClaw Theatre.