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Current Projects


I have been engaged in a variety of freelance projects since I was the manager of the Hevanston art gallery in Evanston. These have included implementing websites and social media, illustrations, poster design, brand re-invention, app design, playwriting, and movie production.

In the first days of Spring 2017, commuters hurry home at sunset down Central Street in Evanston, Illinois.

WildClaw Theatre has an annual production of a horror radio show that is done live in front of a large audience. The show is Deathscribe and is now in it's ninth year. This is the graphic design that will be used across many platforms from print to social media.

Loa Hex Ad Graphic

New ad graphic amd possible t-shirt design for the Chicago-based band, Loa Hex. (Another client out of the 2112/Fort Knox music entertainment incubator.)

"Faceless Paintings" DVD Cover

Now that Charley Sherman's horror movie short "Faceless Paintings" (starring Anne Adams) has been completed and will begin making the film festival rounds, a cover graphic was needed for promotion. This is the movie that I had created several paintings and sketches for as props for the lead character.

MC ZULU T-shirt Design

At the 2112 incubator I was asked by Dominique Rowland (MC ZULU) to create a t-shirt design that had the visual aesthetics of the 1960s psychedelic era. I loved this assignment.

The BEAM Agency logo

At the 2112 music entertainment incubator, I met with Right Now Tour and HelloHipHop. They were working together as producing partners and wanted to combine under one brand called "The Beam Agency". We worked through several sets of imagery to find something that would convey their brand.

"Nicks & Cuts" Poster

At the end of the summer, WildClaw Theater presented a salon (Nicks & Cuts) at The Den Theater, featuring three pieces centered around a barbershop environment. This is the poster I designed and illustrated for the show

2112 6 Pack Visual Fest

I organized a way to get the visual companies of 2112 in front of the Fort Knox bands to gain clients and awareness. With the aid of Dan Metivier of Midwest Merch, we had two events at Fort Knox and The Hangar.

Deathscirbe 2016 "Submit" poster

WildClaw Theatre holds an annual festival for writers to submit 10-minute horror radio plays. There is an international submission period earlier in the year and this requires a graphic and poster to alert folks to start writing for that year's Deathscribe.

2112 Incubator

Burning City was a member company at 2112 from November, 2015 to June 2016. I did graphics work for companies within 2112, mentoring, and worked to bring in VR related companies to the incubator.

"Between The Eyes" Movie

Helped develop the movie, Between The Eyes, with director Robert Cappelletto, in association with WildClaw Theatre. As an Associate Editor on this indie film I created graphics, designed and performed special effects, and helped raise funds. The movie is based on Scott T.Barsotti's script, The Revenants, which was produced twice as live theatre for WildClaw Theatre. For the play I was the set designer and graphics artist for the world premiere and developed the car crash gag for the show's opening.

Photograph by Charlie Athanas


Persimmon in a designer boutique store in Wilmette, IL on Chicago's North Shore. I did website design, social media implementation, graphics production, and general business strategy for them.

Wilmette, IL Chamber of Commerce

The Wilmettte Chamber of Commerce needed revisions to both their website and their event promotion graphics right away and I was able to update their properties in time.

Shimmering Careers and Fire In The Valley

Design and content strategy for Paul Freiberger's company, Shimmering Careers, came out of working with Paul before on his "Fire In The Valley" book sites. Paul and Michael Swaine wrote the definative book on the birth of the personal computer in Silicon Valley. Now in it's third edition, I developed their social media presence for this edition and long ago created the website for the first edition.

"Faceless Paintings" Movie

Director and screenwriter, Charley Sherman, asked me to provide the paintings for his film short, Faceless Paintings, that he was shooting in London, England. I have worked with Charley before on many plays and eventually joined him as a founding member of WildClaw Theatre. In this instance, he needed several paintings that would be done by the movie's main character (played by Anne Adams). What made it a challenge is the character is not a professional painter and these needed to be interesting and tell the story while maintaining the air of an amatuer. The film shoot was documented by photographer, Johannes Hjorth.

Photograph by Johannes Hjorth

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