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T-Shirt Portfolio

2016 "Sex. Death. Art." t-shirt

New updated design for The Devil's Candy Store t-shirt.

Loa Hex t-shirt design

T-shirt/ad graphic for the Chicago band, Loa Hex.

MC Zulu 60s T-shirt

MC ZULU wanted the visual aesthetics of the 1960s psychedelic era.

Back of Ralph the Punk t-shirt

Ralph the Punk was an animated character I created who had a catch phrase - "YEOW!".

Laser City Studios t-shirt

Laser City Studios designed and produced laser shows. Ralph the Punk was featured in one of their big shows at the SIGGRAPH conference.

Ralph the Punk t-shirt

Created a Ralph the Punk t-shirt for the Legs Akimbo label.

Ralph the Punk t-shirt

One of the Ralph the Punk comic panels used for the computer game company D.C. True, Ltd.

Sex Death Art t-shirt

"Sex. Death. Art." t-shirt for The Devil's Candy Store publishing company that produced concept and fantasy artwork using various legendary artists.

CyberJudas t-shirt

Shirt created for D.C. True's computer game, CyberJudas, for gaming convention promotions.

Burning Chrome t-shirt closeup

Burning Chrome is the short story that first used the word "cyberspace".

Cinemonica t-shirt closeup

Cinemonica is a character created for Graphic Expectations, a movie poster company.

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