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Here are some select samples of my visual work.

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Theatre Posters

Theatre Posters

In The Flesh web.jpg
Revenants web.jpg
Great God Pan web.jpg


Britannica logo web.jpg
atomicbolt web.jpg
Kit Logo web.jpg
Computer Games

Computer Games

cyberjudas set web.jpg

Images from the PC game, CyberJudas, sequel to Shadow President (D.C. True, Ltd.)



Video created using a Datamax UV1 and a Dan Sandin image processor (1984)

 I co-directed this for The Joy Thieves and did the Blender animation (2022) 

I animated the opening flying logo bumper in Blender (2020)

Comic Art

Comic Art

Shatter 10 cover.jpg

Shatter was the first computer generated comic book.
Drawn on a MacPlus using Fullpaint software.


Spec piece for a horror comic book.

whitewater splash screen.jpg

From a series of illustrations in the manual for the second piece of software developed for Windows.

Ralph astro boys.jpg
Set Design

Set and Environmental Design


Set for the play, The Revenants, produced by WildClaw Theatre in Chicago.
Created the illusion of a car crashing into suburban basement to open this about relationships and zombies.

witch house finished set.jpg
witch house set foamcore.jpg

Set for an adaptation of HP Lovecraft's The Dreams in the Witch House, produced by WildClaw Theatre.

concert hall.jpg

Co-designed a 2-story restaurant/bar/live event venue (27 Live in Evanston, IL) using both Sketches and foamcoare models.



Time Machine Final 150.jpg
Cthulhu Rising in gallery.jpg
Concept Art

Concept Art and Sketches

simstim web.jpg

Prop designs for the world premiere stage adaptation of William Gibson's short story,
Burning Chrome, produced by Next Theatre in Evanston, IL. Built the props with a team from IDEO. Burning Chrome was the story where the word "cyberspace" first appeared.

Character concept for Burning City game.



Commuter Sunset.JPG
Natalie Slater blueonly.jpg
museum ramzey straight sm.jpg
Let's work together or just ask me questions. Say hello.

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