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Mi Vida Loca


My life is crazy. I am always seeking to "do cool things with cool people" and that leads to both amazing opportunities and interactions with some of the world's most interesting people. I used to lead into this list with the question, "Which one of these statements is not true?" It was a trick question, because they all really happened.

Watched the first smart bombs fall on Iraq with cyberpunk author, William Gibson,

in the Universal bar in Barcelona at 1AM.

Did a classic Hollywood movie concept pitch in LA across a long black table

with the #1 Star Wars artist in the world.

Discussed graphical user interface techniques in London with the lead guitarist

of the biggest band in the world while helping build them a virtual city.

Consulted for Interval Research Corporation, a think tank created by Paul Allen,

the second richest man in the world.

Got a critique for a laser show I made from Todd Rundgren after it was shown during the SIGGRAPH Evening Show at intermission.


Created a CGI music video in 1985 based on my character “Ralph the Punk” that was seen around the world.


Was an artist on the very first computer generated comic book, Shattter.


Co-designed Shadow President, a global computer simulation of the U.S. presidency that was the first computer game software to be reviewed by Britain’s The Economist magazine.


Owns a 1979 Moog Prodigy synthesizer signed by Brian Eno (Roxy Music) and Bernie Worrell (Parliament/Funkadelic) that I used to open for reggae legend, Jimmy Cliff.


Moderated an interview with Clive Barker talking to William Gibson about the world premiere live theatre adaptation of Gibson’s short story, Burning Chrome, which contains the first use of the term, “cyberspace”.


Had a one of a kind vampire killing sword covered in gold and gems forged by a premiere Hollywood blacksmith and based on a hit 12 novel series written by black author, L.A. Banks.


Wrote and played a 20 minute original soundtrack live with Dave Riley of Big Black for an Electronic Visualization Lab performance of video art.


Did all of the animation for the Electronic Arts computer game, John Madden Football II.


Co-designed the first piece of software (“Electric Reading Land”) to officially use a Jimi Hendrix song (“Power of Love”).


Designed a set for a zombie play that crashed a car through the ceiling to open the show.


Squatted in the Leo Lerner theatre building for three months while I played the role of Ariel in a rock and roll musical version of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

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