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Here is some of my work in the field of audio.


Harst Side Effect web.jpg

Rudi Harst and Side Effect (that's me)

Snooty Brothers web.jpg

The Snooty Brothers (We only played art openings)

Vanishing Children web.jpg

Vanishing Children

Heroes for Hire web.jpg

Heroes For Hire

One of the recordings I made was with Gary Davenport of The Mannequins.
This EP was recorded with one side my songs and the other Gary's and had a shared band between them. This is one of my songs from the EP.

Live Theatre Production Bands:

     The Tempest (vox/synths)

   Drums (synths)

   Avatros (piano soundboard)

   Johnny Deadhead (synths)


Soundtrack Composition

Computer Games:

Shadow President


Electric Reading Land

Saturn Museum Exhibit

(Live Installation Performance)

Computer Videos:




Ralph the Punk


Sound Person/Stage Manager

27live stage acts.jpg
sound man 27.jpg

27 Live
I was a manager at this live event venue/restaurant/bar called 27 Live. When we completely gutted and remodeled it from the former pizza joint that it had been I designed the stage and event space. And when necessary, I ran sound for the events which ranged from bands, author signings, staged readings, to business functions and private events. 

Athanas On The Road.jpg

Rudi Harst
I was part of an unusual two person act  in San Antonio, TX. Rudi Harst is singer/songwriter who was solo performing and running his Martin guitar through effect pedals on occasion. Some flange, chorus, and echo, at times. I joined him and took over the effects live at the soundboard, which along with the synths, allowed Rudi to sound like a full roaring band when needed and allowed me to play the effects in realtime in tandem with what Rudi was performing. It was a fun and exciting magic act.


The Tempest



Producing/Recording Studio

Rudi Harst

Snooty Brothers

Gary Davenport

Heroes For Hire


Theatre Productions:

   The Tempest (Illustrated Theatre Productions)

   Drums (Pary Productions)

   Avatros (Illustrated Theatre Productions)

   Johnny Deadhead (Demo)

Ironhand (Absolute Theatre Company)

Computer Videos:




Ralph the Punk

I co-directed and animated this CGI video with Johnie Hugh Horn. It was seen around the world at film festivals and via SIGGRAPH.

I co-directed and edited this video with Joel Lopez and created the computer animations along with making the storyboards.

Let's work together or just ask me questions. Say hello.

847.924.1671  •••
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